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I am going to be getting a rat(s) this weekend but I just have one question. I know that I want a hairless rat, but I am unsure of what I should pick for a friend. Should I add a rat with hair from another cage that is adjacent or should I just get two hairless rats from the same cage. I was thinking that a rat with fur could give warmth to the hairless but I don't want any unneccessary fights. Thanks!

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Jan 21, 2010

there are two kinds of hairless rats. one is called a true hairless, the other a patchwork hairless.
i would advise against a true hairless {completely nude} rat b/c they only live for 9-18 months and have a compromised immune system - they're actually missing part of their immune system. this variety is prone to just about everything and really isn't the type of animal you'd want to get attached to b/c it will be a sad ending.
the patchwork rat loses and regrows hair throughout their life, they live just as long as a regualr rat though, leaving them w/random bald spots. this variety is prone to allergies so be alert to their diet, bedding, and what you use to clean their cage and how it affects them. they eat and drink more than regular rats to keep their body temps up and need extra protein in their diet. b/c they sunburn easily, don't put their cage by a window. also keep extra bedding in their cage as well as a thermal heating pad like this: www.entirelypets.com/thercatcus.html {hidden under bedding so they can't chew it}.
hairless rats should do well w/regular rats, but b/c they require more heat and food, they should have separate cages.
there are so many rats in need of good homes, please rescue one from www.petfinder.com.

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Jan 23, 2010

I would bring home 2 rats that had spent time together also find out the sex & if male & femal get them fixed, rats are not that easy to find homes for, also hairless Rats needs special care & do have to be kept in a warm place, find out about them before you go get any pet.

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