Q: Pancreatitis in dogs

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Pancreatitis in dogs

My 7yr chihuahua is currently in the hospital on fluids. She suddenly started vomiting, drooling, and having diarrhea (not bloody). Became severely dehydrated so fast. She was also standing in the bow position because she was hurting so bad. I was thinking pancreatitis but they aren't completely sure yet. At first when she was brought in, her heart rate was so low, they were concerned about blockage but they got it back to normal. They were thinking it could be HGE but she hasn't had bloody diarrhea so I don't know? They said it could be her pancreas which is what I was thinking to begin with but they don't have a definitive answer yet. They also mentioned diabetes but again, unsure as it could just be in relation to the pancreas? Has anyone else dealt with this? I should hear more from the vet today and hoping Angel can come home. I was just wondering what to expect... is this just the beginning of big troubles or something that could likely be controlled by diet? Don't know much about this except for basic things I've read online. I'm so worried because we are hurting financially right now and I have no idea how I'm going to pay for this. :(

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Sep 22, 2012

Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas and can be due to several underlying issues. They first need to find out what is causing the inflammation. Diabetes, Cushing's, and hypothyroidism can cause it. So can injury, metabolic disorders, high fat diets, being overweight, and some medications. It can range from very mild to severe, be chronic or acute, and is very unpredictable. Dogs with the more severe form can develop other problems related to the disease like infection, heart arrhythmia, hemorrhage, and organ damage. Treatment usually involves giving fluids, controlling pain, controlling any vomiting, and starting them on a bland high-carb, low fat diet. Prognosis depends on the cause but many dogs manage well with the diet and treatment of symptoms as they appear.

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Oct 02, 2012

I agree with Kelly's answer, and that the underlying issue could be multiple things - where it could be any one of those things, or a combination. As frustrating as that can be, many times it will require several trips to the vet and a variety of tests to even come close to a diagnosis, which yeah, that's extremely costly. Try setting up a chip-in fund through chipin.com. There you will list your vet's estimate with a brief but thorough explanation of what's been done, what may need to be done, and keep a log of updates as donations come in. Join pet groups on Yahoo and Facebook and post your chip-in there. Good luck with your girl, I wish you two the best.

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Sep 21, 2012

I am diabetic myself and animals and people can live healthy normal lives with diabetes if she is diabetic you can control it with a test machine which the cheapest I believe is $40 and diet also I remeber I don't know if it is the same at the vet's office but my first test machine I ever got was free then the test strips are not that much they may want you to give her insulin shots which then the syringes are not that much either the expinsive part is the insulin, diabetes would mean the kidneys are failing and not functioning properly they can test her blood sugar at the vet if it is high they can also test for keytones if she has keytones and a high blood sugar she is diabetic good luck I hope she is okay!

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