Q: Ok, I guess most of you didn't understand my question.do English cocker spaniels behave off leash?

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I had sammoyed about a year ago, and as soon as the door was open, she was gone. We could never play fetch with her outside because she would run as soon as possible. She would NEVER listen when we called her. It was so bad that she almost got hit by cars sever times( we live in a pretty secluded area, our driveway is 5 10ths of a mile long with a freeway at the bottom). She got picked up and dropped off at the animal shelter several times even though she had her ID collars on, and eventually we couldn't aford to get her out. SHE TOOK OBEDIENCE CLASSES!!!!!!!!! can't tell you how many times I trained her a day, but apearently failed. Her behavior wad due to her breed, having high wonderlust and mounds of energy. Fairly Closely related to the wolf, the call of the wild was to strong. All dogs should be on a leash in public, but what I'm asking her is will my new dog stay close by? Will he come when called?I want to play off leash with my dog sometimes to, in my front yard or at a dog park. How can a dog play frisbee tied up? English cockers are hunting dogs, so will they take off if a scent beconds? But sporting dogs are loyal, so will he stay close by and listen to my comands? I've heard they do well in obiedience, do they? I don't want a replay off my last dog. I don't want him to be found by the side of the road hit by a car either because he escaped and wouldn't listen to my call. Do they have a lot of wanderlust? Someone please help.

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Mar 17, 2010

There are generalized traits for breeds but every dog is an individual & even though the breed trait says one thing, the dog may turn out to be the exact opposite. All dogs are going to follow their natural instinct to roam unless they're trained. You can't expect them to just do what you want without good quality training. There are right & wrong ways to train a dog, but there's no cookie cutter method. Your samoyed would have probably been a well-behaved dog had she had the proper training. I have seen many who are. Hopefully she was rescued or adopted by someone who saw her potential before she ran out of time. All dogs are related to wolves & samoyeds are part of the spitz family, just like akitas & chows. Some dogs can be more stubborn than others but that doesn't mean they're stupid or untrainable. If you don't know how to really train a dog properly, I would suggest that you take the next one to a trainer, no matter what breed it is. Also, all dogs don't play frisbee. I have several high energy dogs in rescue right now & they don't like frisbee. They do however need someone who is in control just like any other dog. Nancy is right about the off-leash element. You can't control all variables & in unfenced yards or unprotected areas, anything can happen that can cause a dog to bolt & end up lost, injured, or worse. Off-leash play should be contained to protected/safe areas; otherwise, its best to use a leash.

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daryl b.

Mar 14, 2010

i have heard the same thing about irish setters always wanting to run.. no matter what the breed they are all still individuals. i think you did all you could with your other dog. maybe a dog like a newf if you like a big dog and don't mind the shedding or drooling. it is good that you did your homework. i had a border collie who was instent obedience so you can get something that is not true to the breed. good luck and i hope you find your perfect dog for you

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Bonnie  M.

Mar 13, 2010

Don't know if this will help, but when I was a kid, we had a cocker spaniel.She was a mix (with what, I don;t know). She was very high spirited. But a loving dog. She loved to run and at times she had trouble coming when called.

Now, this was years ago, and back in the day, out of town, where we lived you didn't have to leash your dogs. Unfortunately, Inky chased after a bird one day and ran right out on the road and was killed by a truck. Back in those days we let dogs outside unattentednd (right or wrong) The driver was horrified, but he was kind and stopped. She was just too fast and he couldn't stop in time.

So I definately would keep and eye on yours' if you get one. But, I do think they are trainable= WITH PATIENCE.

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