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April 10, 2008 | By Danewillow | 3 answers | Expired: 2406 days ago


Whenever I look at the samples there are rarely any available. When there are samples available and I request one, I never get it.

ETA: I check for samples regularly and my status is supposed to allow me 2 samples per month. I've only requested 2 (over more than 1 month apart) and have received nothing.

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Apr 10, 2008

If you requested samples and didn't get them you should contact Zootoo Member Services and let them know. They are really nice and helpful. They will contact the manufacturer to ask the status of your sample and request that another be sent in case it was lost in the mail. Apparently each company gives away a different numbers of samples, and they are put up sporadically so that they company doesn't get bombared with all the requests at once. You just have to keep checking back.

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judy b.

Apr 13, 2008

You just need to keep checkiing regularly when you zootoo. I just randomly went on the other day and to my suprise, there were several samples of Dick Van Patten's food on there that I requested. They hadn't been available for months. I've always gotten all of the samples that I requested - sometimes it just takes a good while

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Jill R.

Apr 10, 2008

The higher your ranking, the more samples you can get. The other problem is that there are only limited sampling ops. I try to keep a close eye on them because when new samples become available. They are gobbled up really quickly.

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