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I might be adopting a new cat some time soon like I have said before Shorty is just my foster and I can't afford his medical care that he needs from severe health problems so the rescue pays for it and he is up for adoption. Skitters loves kitties and loves to play with them even kittens but the problem is with Shorty some times she gets too wild and he is able to warn her to lay off by slapping her with his paws and then she will leave him alone but she may not understand if a little kitten did the same thing she might be too wild for a kitten but what if the cat I find a good connection with is not an adult and is a kitten what can I do other than watching her and separating them when I'm not at home to teach her that ruff housing with a kitten is not aloud?

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Dec 21, 2011

I totally agree with Kavykeeper. If you can't afford medical care, you need to wait to adopt. Even the tiniest of kittens can sometimes take a turn and end up with chronic illnesses. Adopting pets is a huge responsibility with a lot of unknown ahead of you -- if you can only afford them if they're healthy, you can't afford them. Continue to foster for the rescue until you can afford to pay for anything that pops up for the next 15 to 20 years. It's a huge disservice to take in an animal and then let them down when they depend on you the most and let them suffer if they get sick. Rescues need fosters, so you would be doing a lot of good if you continued to foster.

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Dec 20, 2011

Even with a healthy pet, you never know what kind of medical bills can pop up later. I just had more than $100 in medical bills for a prolapsed eyelid on one of my guinea pigs. I never expected her to need medical care because she's young and healthy but I was able to cover the expenses. I think the best way to decide if you should adopt another is to figure out if you can afford the medical care if an unexpected medical emergency comes up. Healthy pets get sick sometimes and it can end up being as expensive as pets that have chronic disorders. If medical costs are a deterrent, you can always continue to foster. I think people who foster are amazing. They save a lot of lives.

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