Q: Neighbor Dog?

February 22, 2013 | By Ches21 | 0 answers | Expired: 1067 days ago


At the apartments nextdoor there is a longhaired chihuahua mix a male he seems to be very territorial around other dogs and people but I know for a fact that when he barks viously at people once they get close up to him he is nice to them but when he is outside he is running loose or on a leash and his owner doesn't stop him from barking the man just stands there the mananger/owner of the apartment complex won't do anything about this the barking really isn't all that bad although it does sometimes get my girls Abby and Shasta started up and it takes awhile for them to quiet down but that is not the only problem I have been avioding my walk because of this man I walk Abby and Shasta on the same walk because it is easier and it doesn't seem fair to make one of them wait also I can't really carry Shasta she is way to heavy for me no matter what way I go I always seem to run into that guy and his dog who I have dubbed Cujo when we pass them the little dog will viously bark at Abby and Shasta as for Shasta she will just stand there she doesn't have a domanit bone in her body, but as for Abby the first time she playfully barked and wagged her tail as for Cujo he barked and growled and tried to attack her so now whenever I walk Abby and Shasta my good girl who only wanted to make a new friend will cower when the little chihuahua barks at her and she is bigger than him it doesn't matter what way I go and if we run in to them that man will not pick his dog up he will just stand there and stare at me I can't exactly pick up two dogs and Shasta is too heavy like I said before, the first run in I had with them that man seems to think his dog is so inicent and wouldn't hurt a fly he thinks that sweet little Abby started the whole thing but I was still two houses away from my house and that is when his dog began to bark and growl at me and Abby I had no idea that dog was so mean and I know that dog is little but Abby and Shasta would not fight back if attacked by another dog so I am at a loss as of what to do here I would walk them around the lake but I don't have a ride to take me there everyday and they have a big backyard but if you don't take your dogs out enough they can decide to not be nice to other people and other animals and also Abby and Shasta enjoy it so much and they need the exercise I only take them around one block since Shasta is an older girl about 7 years old is what I found out at the vet so what can I do about Cujo? Also if you can help me with what to say to get my dad to relinquish Shasta to us or paws I would be greatful but explaining stuff to him is like talking to a 3 year old child that will not coporate?

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