Q: Need dry food for very picky dogs

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I have two Yorkies that eat Purina Moist and Meaty beef and cheese--that's it! Have tried many, many dry dog foods and they turn up their noses. Just tried Chef Michaels and one will eat the moist beef pieces and leave the hard pieces. They eat hard treats, chicken jerky, Greenies, milkbones, etc. but no hard food. Any ideas?

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C. K.

Oct 29, 2009

All these foods contain whole meats, fruits, vegetables, and are excellent for dogs;
Merrick / Merrick 'Before Grains'
Taste of the Wild
TimberWolf Organics
Prarie / Instinct
Innova / Innova Evo / Evo / Ancestral

These are all great premium dog foods that you should try to find to feed your dog. Some of the ingredients that cheap foods like anything by Purina, Pedigree, science diet (unless its a prescription food) etc. can actually cause serious health problems and even death because of the types of meat qualities they use, and byproducts. Corn can be a huge allergen for dogs too, so avoid corn if you can. Grain free is a great way to go if you can.

Taste of the Wild is a really good food, and a lot of dogs love it because it tastes great.

A HUGE benefit is that because these foods don't have a lot of filler (corn) you will end up feeding less food so while they may be initially expensive, it will cost you less in the long rung. And your dog's poops will be healthier (if you switch them over slowly, switching them too fast can cause digestive issues; but you can use plain canned pumpkin (no spices) and yogurt to help their digestion), not to mention your pet's overall health.

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Oct 28, 2009

moist and meaty is like doggie crack or in people world a cheeseburger and milkshake, lots of corn syrup and ariticial colors, eww..
Your dogs will probably refuse to eat most dry food since it doesent have all that sugar. I've found out through watching other dogs that they liked the samples of grain free foods that I brought them.
It doesent have all the junk and artificial preservatives, colors as grocery kibble.
Try Taste of the Wild, its affordable for the quality , the dogs eat less of it since its higher protein and no fillers. You could try giving to them plain, but if they dont eat it, get some premium canned food like blue buffalo, innova, (taste of the wild recently began making canned as well).
Heres a link to help you find nearest store:


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Mary C.

Oct 29, 2009

Taste of the wild is a great choice, I am a retailer and user of it. It is grain free and has high protein and low carbs, both very benificial to your dogs health. They now have all 3 flavors in a canned food as well if you choose to mix. Good luck

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