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Shorty my seven and a half year old cat whom I am fostering for a rescue right now has just developed really red skin on one side of his forehead it seems to bug him if it gets touched but otherwise he is fine the red skin is only on one side of his forehead. Shorty is horribley allergic to fleas but he is on mediction for it and is usaully fine if he has the medicine which he has just recently. So what should I do just leave him alone and see if it goes away or take him to the vet or treat him myself with somehting. So do you know?

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Mar 25, 2011

I always give these things a grace period of 2-3 days to go away on their own, provided there's no life threatening symptoms. Shorty may have been scratching {there's a million reason for an animal to get itchy} or he may have been rubbing his head on something too long, too hard {I've heard of cats developing irritation from this}. If it's gotten worse or hasn't decreased at all, see your vet. He may be having an adverse reaction to something.

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daryl b.

Mar 22, 2011

i would say since it is bothering him please take him to the vet. he maybe having a reaction to the meds. good luch ches

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