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I need a new flashing / blinking collar for the walks at night.

I'm tired of my old collar. Its brightness is okay, it shines trough the fur at night but only with a fully loaded battery. If the battery is just half loaded, the light is not bright enough anymore. Its the one from the attached image.

Could someone advise me a flashing collar which is bright enough to shine trough the fur, shines all around the throat and is having a long living battery?

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Apr 04, 2009

Have you tried reflective/lighted leashes? I have seen several different styles at Allpet and Walmart. (If I remember correctly I think the reflective ones were about $10 and the light up ones about $20.) My husband and I adopted a mini dachshund 2 mths ago, and I've been concerned about Charley's visibility on evening walks. As Charley's a short hair dachshund I got him a coat to wear that had reflective stripes down the side. Now that it's warming up in Southern Missouri he doesn't need his coat, but it's also light out later.

As your Shelties have their own coats :) maybe a reflective or light up leash would work well for you... the light wouldn't get lost in their fur.

Kudos to you for thinking of their safety!

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Judy  Z.

Apr 04, 2009

DrsFosterSmith.com catalog
shows Nite Lights in glowing or flashing mode 1"adjustable collar
also the Puplight Night Safety Light which is an elasticized collar that holds 3 lights
and Night Light Collar which is 1" wide with reflective lights

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