Q: My Siamese cat/ Ferral, recently starting nibbling me & crying consistantly unless shes in my arms..

February 6, 2011 | By Diva1985 | 1 answer | Expired: 1815 days ago

So I recently (a month ago) adopted a ferral Siamese cat. Now I know they are talkers and they will talk back in forth with their humans, but just recently my ferral started following me around and crying unless I pick her up. Mind you, 1 month ago when I got her, she was hissing, snarling, & wouldnt let anyone get within 5-10' of her. I dont' mind her crying so much as I love an affectionate cat, but when I'm sitting on my couch and I start "Shusshing" her, she cries even louder & purrs & curls up and rolls around like a cat in heat nibbling on me. Esp when I'm singing she gets like that too. I was wondering if "shhh" means something different to a cat than it does a human? Cuz now I can't seem to keep her quiet at all unless she's eating. And she doesn't even do that unless i'm in the room. About the only time she leaves my side when I'm home is to go to the bathroom. Is their any way she will learn it's ok to be alone for short (8-9 hours) while i'm at work, and what does it mean when she starts rolling around like she's in heat when I shush her? Ive had cats before, but this one wont even let me take a shower without crying outside the bathtub as if I left her alone. And what is with her reaction to my singing? Not that I'm a great singer, but most cats will just ignore it. She jumps right up in my face & starts crying like a baby as if she's singing with me, but she puts her paws on my face like shes trying to shut me up. lol. Any advice is awesome, thanks

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maddi g.

Feb 11, 2011

Maybe she has severe separation anxiety. I would suggest going to the vet and asking about her crying. Good luck!

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