Q: My Kitten's Eating Has Changed..

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My Kitten's Eating Has Changed..

My 6 month old kitten, Sophie, and my year old cat, Faith, have gotten me all worried lately.. They were each rescued by us at different times, and have been living together for about 3 months now. Both get along and like each other's company.

However, Sophie's eating habits have changed ever since the 2 became friends. The cats get the same kind of food, at the same time - but Sophie will not touch her food and will watch Faith eat up hers. Also, she'll nibble at her dish every few hours or so; very different from how she used to inhale her meals.. I feed them in separate rooms, but that isn't helping. I make my husband feed Faith, while I tend to Sophie (since she's far more attached to me); but this is of no help either.. Sophie used to LOVE eating; used to look forward to her meals and treats...

Her vet says there's nothing wrong with her, health wise. Nothing else has changed either: she plays like she used to, behaves like she used to; but I wish she would eat like she used to - she barely eats all day. Also, she looks stressed out about this whole food thing. She seems to have lost weight, too.. Sophie's constantly looking over her shoulder when she does sit down to eat. Faith isn't the difficult kind, but she does have this habit of sneaking up on Sophie for her share of the wet food (Faith LOVES wet food). However, I let Faith know that she can't eat all of the kitten's food..

I'm trying my best to handle the situation, but I'm running out of ideas :( Any bit of advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, guys..

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Stephanie  C.

Jan 07, 2010

You could/should also try feeding the kitten in a smaller space. If you have a crate, feed her in there. A smaller space might help calm her - there will be less chance of Faith sneaking up on her. The kitten will only have to watch one area instead of all around her.

Make sure she is comfortable in the crate. Leave the door open at first so she doesn't feel she is being punished. Stand by and supervise and reassure her. She may get comfortable enough to eat and later prefer to eat in a crate.

Good luck

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Dec 26, 2009

You have already done the most important thing, by checking with your vet and making sure Sophie is healthy. I don't know how long you have her and Faith separated when they are eating; it may just require a little more time before Sophie relaxes if it is Faith sneaking up on her that has stresssed her out. I would also try different food, as was suggested, and give her multiple opportunities to eat during the day- not just when you are feeding Faith. As long as they are healthy and have food available, I think they will eat when they are truly hungry. Also you, didn't say if the vet gae you any suggestions when he checked Sophie over. I would not hesitate to call them again if Sophie doesn't start eating and especially if she continues to lose weight. Good luck!

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Dec 26, 2009

try different food, animals get bored just as we do. I recently switched my kitties over to taste of the wild dry and they love it since its meat based not grain based like a lot of the grocery brands, cats are obligate carnivores anyways and need to eat meat.
If you have a trader joes available, I get their brand of cat tuns and the cats go crazy for this stuff, its like kitty crack, I mix 50/50 with kibble and they love it.
You can find taste of the wild at local feed/tractor supply, but you'll have to go on their website to find store locator at the top.

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