Q: my kitten pooping in the tub.

December 10, 2012 | By Jasonlustman | 1 answer | Expired: 1142 days ago

My four month old kitten just started pooping in the tub. I put her litter box in the bath tub cause she was very messy with her litter. I keep her litter clean. She started pooping in the tub next to her litter box. She doesn't do it everytime. And at the start she was using it just fine. I don't understand why she is choosing to do this now. Someone please help!!!!

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Dec 10, 2012

I have watched my cat from hell on animal planet and the cat behaviorist on there always tells people first do not use a covered litter box also to put it in the middle of the room out in the open, one other thing is my grandma had a cat a long time ago his name was thomas and he used to go potty in the tub he was an indoor outdoor cat but it was in the tub the dog Annie would sometimes do the same thing but at least it is the tub and not the floor it can be washed out easily but it could be a sign that she is sick even if she appears not to be take her to the vet if everything is fine if something has changed in her life recently it could be that or it might even be something as simple as she doesn't like where her litter box is and wants it to be put somewhere else in a diffrent room or something in fact the other day my cat Shorty he followed me outside with my dog Abby and he went potty in the flower box on the porch he is never allowed outside unless I am outside with him but we thought maybe he needs a litter box on the porch my elderly cat Teddy that I lost last year around christmas she had started pottying on the floor even if she liked the other dog and other cat in the house we figured out she had a tumor so I hate to say it but it is possible that that is the problem.

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