Q: my friends dog has been getting sick three days in a row .its yellow acid like vomit.hes otherwise g

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sheila w.


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Jan 05, 2010

what he's throwing up is bile. this is formed in excess when the stomach is either fighting off bacteria or a virus, or when they're having trouble digesting what they've eaten or if they haven't eaten much at all. bile is some pretty nasty stuff and will destroy your stomach lining, and all the tissue on it's way up. the presence of bile also makes you feel incredibly sick to your stomach, though dogs will do their best to avoid showing you they're feeling that way.
three days of vomiting bile means he needs to see a vet. it's normal for our stomachs to produce some, but when it's to the point of throwing it up {and for days}, it means somethings going on. try to get him to eat some skinless, boneless roasted chicken and brown rice. this meal is easy on an upset belly and will help absorb some of the bile.

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L M.

Jan 09, 2010

I hope he is better soon. My cat had green bile after giving her what cat treats that (we didn't know) had gone bad and had something wrong with them. I hope your dog is okay soon. Please let us know. Maybe ask a vet, also ??

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