Q: My female hamster hasn't came into heat in a while. Should I be worried?

November 3, 2011 | By HamstersRule123 | 1 answer | Expired: 1549 days ago


Her Name Is Melanie. Shes a Chinese Dwarf Hamster Shes 8 months.

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Nov 03, 2011

For one thing Hamsters are crazy when it comes to breeding, I had dwarf hamsters they told us at the pet store where we got them that they where all female we got home to find that 3 of them where female and one was a male and all 3 females where pregnant and had babies we didn't even know that they where pregnant until they gave birth but there where at least 20 babies from just the 3 females my hamster was one of the momma's and her name was Streamangel then I can't remember what all of her babies where named but two of her sons where Mr. Cheesey and Mr. Squeaks, But we went to get them food one morning they had just run out that morning and didn't have any we got back and one of the momma hamsters had eaten one of her young they aren't very paitent when waiting to be fed and the babies where full grown at the time. This had made everything so crazy that we found new homes for all of them and as it turns out the person who took one hamster she took Mr. Squeaks and said she would also take Streamangel or Mr. Cheesey found out when I brought her mr. Cheesey that mr. Squeaks was actually a Mrs. Squeaks cause the next morning that hamster had babies there are so many unwanted animals in the world so please don't breed your hamster, also only 8 months I would though ask a vet about this even though you might be able to have her spayed I hope she is okay good luck! And What a great name for a hamster Melanie is a cute name.

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