Q: My dog wont eat dry dog food

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I've tried a lot of different brands and he just doesn’t like dry food. I've tried buying gravy for dog food and he didn’t like that either. My mom told me to let him be hungry once he's really hungry he'll eat the dry food but I don’t want to do that. Sometimes he eats the dry food when I feed it to him in his mouth, piece by piece but only sometimes. And I can’t be babying him all the time just so he’ll eat. Now he eats Cesar canine cuisine but I can’t afford buying him those all the time. Does anyone know what I can try to make him eat the dry food or anything I can feed him?

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Jessica H.

Jul 18, 2008

How long are you feeding the kibble? If you just give up because he won't eat right away and give in and give him wet food, its a trained thing -- he knows if he doesn't eat the kibble that he'll get canned instead.


Meaning that if a dog is in good health, if there is food available, he will not let himself starve.

My suggestion is, first and foremost - YOU are in charge, DO NOT GIVE IN! :)

Secondly, set out his kibble for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes remove the kibble, whether he has eaten or not, until his next meal time. DO NOT feel "bad" for him if he doesn't eat.

Keep doing this and only leave the food out for no longer than fifteen minutes and always remove the uneaten portion. Eventually he will learn that if he wants to eat, the food is only out for a certain amount of time and if he doesn't eat it then, then he doesn't get to eat.

Don't just leave it out all the time because then he'll eat when HE wants to. Again, YOU are in charge here, not him! YOU control the food :)

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Marta J.

Jul 19, 2008

Barring any physical problems, Moms right. Your making him fussy. No healthy animal will ever starve themselves. When you train a dog, you put the food down for 20 minutes. Whatever he doesn't eat gets picked up. That way he learns to eat when he should. I know some people who leave food out all the time. If that works for them, fine. It's hard to do if you have more than one dog. You have to be strong pack leader to your dog for him to be well balanced and confident. When you are a weak leader your dog can become fearful and untrusting. Never feel sorry for a dog. To them it means you are weak and not a leader and they will never respect you. Read up on dog behavior and it will help you understand you dog more. Your dog is not human and never will be, no matter how much you wish it. If you try it will only confuse and frustrate him. He likes being a dog! Find a good quality food and stick with it.

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Jul 18, 2008

Is the dog small or big? How old is the dog? Does your dog eat hard dog biscuits or only soft chewy treats?

One of my dogs has a chipped tooth and that seems to make it sensitive. As a result, she won't eat any hard biscuits and dry dog food that isn't small bites. Or your dog might just be picky. My dog Allie is very slender and she has no problem starving for a couple of days when she doesn't like the food. She also doesn't like IAMs gravy at all. She will eat the dry food, small bites most of the time, and sometimes I mix in a canned dog food that is chunks in gravy and I mix it up really good and she'll eat that up.

Don't add in canned broths or gravies for humans, a lot of these contain onions though it is not listed in the ingredients. Stocks and broths are often meat bones that are browned and then simmered with a variety of vegetables. If you have a small dog that could be dangerous.

You could try different foods like a raw diet.

However, if you stick with the canned or soft type of foods, you need to brush your dog's teeth everyday.

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