Q: My dog smells TERRIBLE; what is wrong?

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My dog stinks. I've had her for about a month and she has become increasingly stinky. I have given her a bath 3 times since I adopted her!
The other day in the car it suddenly started to SMELL really BAD and it was a weird smell I couldn't identify.
Also, earlier today she farted and it stank so bad I couldn't breathe.

I think maybe its her diet, but can diet really make a dog smell THAT horrible?
also, she's licking her bum a lot I wonder if that could be related.

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Feb 03, 2009

Anal Glands first comes to thought for me. This link explains their use and signs of infection. Sounds like you need to get to the vet.


I have copied some of the text below:

"Whenever your dog urinates or defecates, the anal glands receive a small amount of pressure, and a tiny bit of the fluid is released, along with your dog's custom blended scent."

"...you'll likely never smell anything yourself unless your dog develops an anal gland infection."

"When the anal glands are not sufficiently expressed, bacteria is given the chance to build up, and this can lead to numerous problems. Your dog can develop an infection, which if left untreated can progress into an abscess. The abscess can then rupture through the skin, leading to further complications."

"...problems can be linked to the quality of pet food a dog receives. Inexpensive brands of dog food use a lot of cereal fillers, which tend to make soft stools. The soft stool isn't able to press firmly enough against the dog's anal glands to provide the necessary pressure to express them, and there the trouble begins."

Signs of Gland Problems

"If your dog's anal glands fail to properly express, they may actually become impacted, making your dog very uncomfortable. Watch for these signs:

* Your dog begins scooting or dragging his rear across the floor.
* Your dog keeps licking or chewing near his rectum.
* Your dog's stools have become soft and mushy.

"The dog anal glands may actually need to be manually expressed..."

Good Luck and let us know what the outcome is.

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Feb 03, 2009

what breed of dog, and what are you feeding her? Corn, wheat, soy, glutens, byproduct, all can make a dog smell. Even with the "good" ingredients, an imbalance of carbs and protiens can cause odor. Digestive odors, flatulence, is usually caused by excessive fiber and fillers. Nutrition can make a WORLD of difference.

And, for the record, bathing the dog more than once a month can make body odors worse, by causing excesive sebum production.

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Feb 03, 2009

Diet can play a huge part in dogs having gas. Even good foods can cause gas. We feed Blue Buffalo, which is a great food, but one formula was causing one of our dogs to have gas due to the protein level. We switched her to one of the other Blue Buffalo formulas, and her gas has disappeared.
Also, one of our other dogs has a very sensitive system. When we were feeding him dog treats that were not 100% natural, he had very bad gas too. Once we switched to natural treats, his gas disappeared.

Licking her rear can be a sign of allergies, which can also sometimes be alleviated by switching food.

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