Q: My dog always wants to "be on me", what does this mean?

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My 6 month old lab mix Baxter (appropriately named) always lays, leans or sits on me.My husband and I laugh because he will sit on my head or anywhere he can when I am laying down and will follow me and lean against me if I am standing. We always say we're going to get an Anchorman dog shirt made that says "I want to be on you." I've always assumed that this was just a sign of affection since I spend the most time with him. I was just wondering if anybody else has a pup that does this or knows the significance in the dog world. Bax is a very sweet and loving puppy so I hope this is just a sign of his connection with me but I don't want to just project my human emotions. Any thoughts?

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Mary C.

Jul 05, 2010

This is said to actually be a disrespectful behavior, as cute as it may be now it could be a big issue when your pup gets older. You are not being treated as the alpha (in the dog world this would be a sign of ownership) It is ok for your pup to give you affection but it should be on your terms and he should not be allowed to climb on top of you. He is very cute though!

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Jul 06, 2010

at 6 months, this behavior should be wearing off. he loves you, no doubt about that, but he isn't respecting your personal space. which i know isn't always a problem b/c it is cute and who doesn't want their dog to be that affectionate? but it can lead to problems, particularly territorial and possessive problems. some dogs can also become insecure when they're use to having mom as a safety net. any of these can become aggressive in a short time frame, so you gotta lay down some rules.
if you want to correct this, i would make him wait for an invitation to sit that close or even jump onto furniture. teach him sit, stay, and come and use them to your advantage. remove him from furniture, have him sit and stay, then ask him to come up. whenever he jumps up on his own, repeat. when he gets too close to you, stand up and walk away, ignoring him. wait two minutes, then ask him to sit and stay, then come to sit by you. repeat as necessary.

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Stephanie  C.

Jul 05, 2010

It could be a respect issue - but depending on his age, it is probably just 'I want to be with you'. Sitting on you is as close as he can get. Some of mine do this, they come over and sit on me for attention. The important point is that they move when you tell them, or don't sit on you if you tell them not to. That way, you are still the dominant one.

Good luck!

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