Q: My cat hasn't been grooming herself, HELP

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Pepper hasn't been grooming herself very good lately. When she fails to do so Sage usually steps in to help her out. Well I failed to comb her for awhile and now she has some clumps that I can't get her comb through. She is very skiddish and I can only do a little at a time, very gently and while she is eating. I don't want to shave her unless absolutely necessary. Does anyone have any tricks to getting the clumps out?

She is not overweight, I don't think, she has very think fur. She has always been that way about grooming herself. She is lazy, but I guess I got lazier. I am going to call Betsy (my groomer) and have her give her a good grooming. Whatever they do to cats. Thanks for the answers. And shame on me....

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Marta J.

Jul 23, 2008

It would be hard enough to get out the mats if she wasn't skiddish. I would go to a groomer who is good with cats and see if they can get the mats out without shaving her. Being a groomer for many years, I have seen what happens when people try it themselves. Next thing you know they are at the vets getting stitches on their cat. Maybe the groomer can give you some helpful tips on grooming her at home after they get the mats out.

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Jul 23, 2008

I am not a cat owner, but my friends have cats and there have only been 2 that didn't groom themselves and it was because they were overweight and could not flex themselves around, they did have to trimmed down, as do dogs, but with dogs it is the fault of the owner, dogs should not get mats, and really cats shouldn't, did you tray a baby brush on her, it's ashame she's at that point, and if she's not overweight I would bring her to a Vet, any change in an animal should be checked for a medical problem if she is not overweight I would have her at a Vet this week, and if she is a check, if all is healthy put her on a diet

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