Q: molli is itchy

August 17, 2010 | By EmiIa | 1 answer | Expired: 1991 days ago


my dog molli will suddenly and frantically itch her left hind end and thigh and topline. mostly in the morning upon awakening and the evening .I found one flea on her a week ago and gave her a bath have not found any since . she get uncomfortable when i flea comb near the itchy spots. I don't like seeing her uncomfortable and am worried she may get a hot spot .
this does happen around august each year i don't treat her with flea prevention because i am not comfortable with their safety . next year i might just for the summer .
I would like any advice you can give

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Aug 18, 2010

if you want to safely treat her for fleas, try frontline or advantix. your vet {or any vet} can sell you a single dose for under $20. the over the counter flea meds are indeed dangerous, but flea baths are too. pet supply stores certainly don't make it easy on us! other than that, the best i can tell you is to try to keep her from itching it. my dog has a few mosquito bites that have been driving her crazy, but if i can stop her from itching them long enough, she tends to relax. and i do that just by putting my hand between her mouth and the itch.

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