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Has anyone ever heard of a miniature pit bull? Because Romeo my six week old puppy is absolutely tiny. His siblings are normal sized though. I was wondering since Romeo is so underdeveloped maybe he might not get too much bigger and stay a really tiny pit bull. Have any of you guys seen or heard of a tiny pit bull?

If you read any of my posts you would know that Romeo had to be separated from his siblings because if his cleft lip. I am aware of the side affects and am working to make his life as normal as possible.

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Oct 29, 2009

There's a wide range of sizes for pits, but some of the breeders are now calling the smaller ones pocket pits & are breeding for that smaller size. Technically there's no such thing as a pocket pit or a miniature pit but they're "designing" them. Just standard pits can range in size from 18-22" tall & 22-110lbs so your dog could just be genetically on the small side or his size could be due to the cleft lip & having to be taken away from the litter so early. He may have a growth spurt. He is a cutie no matter what size he ends up being!

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Oct 26, 2009

Does Romeo have a cleff pallett? When I look closely at the picture I can see his top lip looks a bit deformed. I agree with "nograins4them" about Romeo being taken from his mother about 3 weeks to early. I guess that's besides the fact. I think, with him being the runt, he will still grow to the normal pitbull size. HE SURE IS A CUTIE!!

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Tricia L.

Oct 26, 2009

No i havent. But my sister has a min pin that was the runt. She is wayyy smaller than any min pin I have ever seen. She is teeeny tiny.
Also my girl is a pit mix and she is Smaller than any pit I have seen. She is really short!! She is fat tho! haha
Cant wait to see more pictures =)

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