Q: Milk Thistle *WITH* SAM-e?

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My 11 {possibly 12} year old boxer/lab mix has had ongoing high liver values, recently spiking over 300, and was diagnosed with liver disease. In effort to lower her liver enzymes, she was put on Denamarin, an animal supplement that combines milk thistle with SAM-e. The problem with this is, it costs $140 a month. As Tosca was also recently diagnosed with cancer, I can't afford to keep her on supplements for both issues longterm. My vet suggested finding an alternative pill, either for people or for dogs, provided it has both ingredients in it. The recommended dose is three 225 mg pills. I've been all over town and all over the internet, and I just can't find anything like this. I toyed with giving Tosca one pill for milk thistle and a separate one for SAM-e, but SAM-e is so pricey that I wouldn't be cutting costs.

Does anyone know of an enteric coated pill that combines these two that would cost under $80 a month?

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Oct 03, 2012

Check out Adenosyl. I think it's OTC, but you may have to shop around to find the best price. I think they vary quite a bit from store to store. Your best bet may be to shop around for the best price for the SAM-e, look for BOGO or bulk buy deals. While you're searching keep in mind that SAM-e tabs aren't supposed to be broken. It's supposed to be absorbed in the small intestine so it has an enteric coating to prevent breakdown in the stomach. Milk thistle is very affordable, but the SAM-e, not so much.Have you checked prices of the Denamarin at some of the discount pharmacies online? You might find a better deal there.

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Oct 02, 2012

I am sorry I don't that was a problem with pills for Tickles a diffrent problem though!

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