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When you adopt an animal from a shelter they always have a micro chip but is it always registered or do you have to do that yourself and how would you find out if the chip is registered?

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Nov 03, 2011

It depends on the shelter and the microchip company. A lot of shelters and rescues microchip their pets as soon as they take possession and have the chips registered to them. In those cases, you'll be given all the necessary info needed to register the pet in your name. Depending on the company, you can do it online or by mail. Some shelters microchip upon adoption, so the chip would be registered in your name at that time. Some will register them for you; some give you all the info to register them yourself. If you find a chip on a scan, the vet or shelter will take down the number and either contact the company themselves, or in some cases, they will give you the contact info and number and allow you to do it. When we rescued a dog that had been chipped, my vet gave me the contact info and I entered it online. They, in turn, contacted the owners via phone and gave them my contact info so they could arrange a time to pick up their dog.

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