Q: Major Problem in Longview?

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There are several stray cats and feral cats in Longview there was a feral cat clinic but they had to shut down because their funding ran out. So while rescues around town are trying to get the feral cat clinic back the humane socitey is full and can only put the stray cats down that you bring in and all the rescues are full with cats as well. the closest feral cat clinic is in portland as far as I know and I don't drive but without a place to take the strays I have found and others have found there is no hope for them at all and no where for them to go what am I gonna do about Mustache, Buttersctoch, Elmer Fudd, charlie and Marten. I don't have to worry about Momo he has a home same with Buddah, Lovebug and Scardey Cat. But do you know how I can help out the other cats?

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Apr 28, 2011

You can try rehoming them yourself. Here's a link to my How To Rehome Cats page for more information...just copy & paste, removing the spaces:

h tt p: //forgottenfelines.wordpress.com/about/how-to-rehome-cats/

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