Q: Maine Coon Breed Kitties?

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Do all Maine Coons have additudes where they only like certain people and hate everyone else? This is the way that my grandma's maine coon Miss Kitty is she only likes the 3 people who live with her and she hates everyone else and I have known her since she was a kitten and my grandma has had her since she was a kitten and as a kitten she liked everyone plus she is not an old kitty. So does anyone know?

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daryl b.

Nov 21, 2010

i have only known one years ago and he loved everyone.

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Nov 22, 2010

in my experience, maine coons have always been friendly towards everyone. they do get attached to one or two people and can be somewhat shy towards others, but they've never shown any signs of hating anyone. each cat is different though and if they don't get enough new people exposure, they will retreat from or even hate on anyone but their guardians.

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Michele Z.

Nov 15, 2010

Maine Coons are known for being "Gentle Giants". However, cats can have various personalities and dispositions, partly due to the way they are raised/socialized. Traumatic experiences may also play a role in how "friendly" cats may become.

You didn't specify how much interaction you have had with this cat, or for how long (other than since she was a kitten). Likewise, you didn't mention how often you go to your grandmother's house. Even if you have known this cat since it was a kitten, does it really know YOU well enough to feel comfortable around you OR are you viewed as an "intruder"?

Also, if you are trying to "force" yourself upon this cat, the cat will most likely try to AVOID you. Cats seem to have the need to initiate contact with people, not vice versa.

The next time you go to your grandmother's house, you could try quietly sitting and IGNORING the cat. The cat is more likely to come to you at that time--on her own terms. Your relationship can build from there.

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