Q: little dog getting aggressive?

December 27, 2012 | By Anonymous | 1 answer | Expired: 1128 days ago

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well little lily is a shih-poo and she is just over six months old.........shes been fine up until 2 weeks ago when out of nowhere she snarled and snapped a me very aggressively for no reason at all, it has happened more and more since. I have treated her with nothing but love an respect since we nursed her back to health from kennel cough 5 and a half mnths ago....we realise she may be coming into heat and have the op booked 2 weeks from now...also we recognise she may be protecting mummy( my partner) would just like some pointers please people???? daddy( jez) who loves lily very much,

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Dec 27, 2012

she could be but my first suggestion is please get her spayed I know when she was sick you couldn't but now you can we don't need more unwanted puppies in the world plus if you get her spayed she will live a longer happier and healthier life, I would also say use a spray bottle soon enough she will just know to stop when she sees it and you won't have to spray her, also small dog maybe she is protecting her mommy on it's me or the dog what they did with sevral dogs like this was the treats, toys, food and water started just coming from the person they were mean to instead of their favorite person it seemed to work really well you could also do a reward system with clicker training but please get her spayed before she has puppies she is old enough to have puppies and also dogs are old enough to get fixed when they are 2-3 pounds now.

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