Q: Life Expectancy in the Canine World?

September 19, 2008 | By Geoff G. | 9 answers | Expired: 2274 days ago

Life Expectancy in the Canine World?

Our little dog Silvy (below) is now close to 10 years of age, and now showing some signs of moving into "retirement",at least physically, but seemingly in pretty good general overall health. Silvy is a Jack Russell/Fox Terrier cross-breed and is probably a pound or so overweight. Her vet. tells us that she is OK weight-wise, favoring this condition rather than her being under-weight. My question is, based on general canine averages, approx. for how much longer can we expect to enjoy Silvy's deeply loyal & genuine friendship?
Secondly, if life-expectancy is breed-dependant, what is the general life-expectancy of the different breeds of dogs within the ZooToo family? Personal experience examples, with images,if possible, please! Thank You All. Geoff.

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Pat  H.

Sep 19, 2008

I think, like people, there's no set rule. Over the years, I've had all sizes, different breeds, etc.
My experience has been that they have averaged around 13-14. Not near long enough.
I agree with ethel02....love them as long as you have them.
There were a couple that I've always felt I should have let go sooner. We're just never ready.
My "old man" Koty, is 11 and has heart problems. He is on meds and still active and enjoying life but I see him coughing a little more lately. I sure will never be ready to think about loosing him.
Your baby may be ready to slow down a little and be with you for a loooong time! :)

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Sep 20, 2008

I have also heard that the smaller dogs live longer & the larger breeds have shorter life expectancies. I believe alot of it has to do with how much love, attention, & care we give them.

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Lynn C.

Sep 19, 2008

I think a lot of it is luck with a touch of good genes. Your litte ones should be with you for many more years. I had a spanial/beagle (about 35 lbs) mix growing up and he lived a few months past 17. He had cancer. I also had a shepherd/lab mix (about 90 lbs) that was somewhere between 16 and 17 when he passed. His, like many large dogs, back legs gave out. I just hope the two dogs I now have and your two have as much good luck as my beagle and shepherd mix had.

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