Q: Know Any Affordable Vet Clinics in Jersey City, NJ Area?

September 14, 2009 | By Kaukab B. | 2 answers | Expired: 2324 days ago

Know Any Affordable Vet Clinics in Jersey City, NJ Area?

I'm asking this question because I feel my kitten and I have been taken advantage of. I moved to the US (Jersey City, NJ) approx. 2 years ago, decided to take a break from work and go to school (in Manhattan). Along the way, I rescued Sophie, my kitten, and decided to take her in.. I wasn't prepared for a pet, but I wouldn't have said 'no' to her for the world..!

After calling a few places for rates, I decided to take Sophie, just 6 weeks old then and in need of immediate exams, to nearby Newport Animal Hospital in Newport, NJ. Since I don't drive and go to school, this seemed like a good place proximity wise. I was wrong.. This place is costly.. I won't go into details but let me just say, the in-house fecal exam came upto $75.. And when I asked them about how much they charge for spaying, they estimated $600..!! Ha, I'm thinking of getting her spayed at Liberty Humane Society - $75 makes sense to me..

The thing is, I want to be able to bring my baby in to the vet for anything I feel is a cause for concern - rather than have to worry about the outrageous list of services I'll be charged once it's time to leave.. Her health must come first.. If you're wondering, yes, Sophie does have pet insurance (Purinacare Preventice Care Plan).. But even that doesn't help much as long as I'm with Newport Animal Hospital.. Purinacare told me that I was over-charged.. But they also told me that New Jersey is one the most expensive states when it comes to vet services and pet claims.. Great..

So.. I've stopped taking Sophie to this vet.. I wish this hadn't happened to us.. I'm struggling with my college tuition as it is.. But Sophie's doing fine.. Up to date with her vaccines and Rabies shot, treated for fleas and worms, so I have nothing to worry about for now - except for the big, gaping hole in my pocket, yeah..!!

I now want a reasonable vet for Sophie who's located in OR near Jersey City, NJ (07306 zip).. Even Manhattan will do - but not too far away, since subway rides are sometimes traumatic for Sophie.. I just want a clinic that's safe for my kitten, and affordable for me.. Sounds like that's TOO much to ask! I'd much rather spend that left over money on her food and other essentials for her!

I've asked around on phone, but they all seem to be either be charging way too much or are too far away for me to commute.. I can't help but feel depressed over all this.. Anyone got any suggestions?

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Sep 15, 2009

Waaaaay too much!!! I have 2 kittens about ready for their spaying, I called my close by vet who gives innoculations at a lesser price on Wed. hoping they might do spaying for less too. The secretary told me it would be $250 each. I had earlier called one of the vet hospitals that Petfinder.com, who I adopted my kittens from. That vet quoted $55 each - big difference! I told the secretary at my regular vet and she was shocked to hear the difference and nicely said I should go to the cheaper vet, she would.
Try going through petfinder.com, good luck!

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Ginger G.

Sep 14, 2009

You weren't just overcharged, you were robbed & big time too I'm sorry to say it!!! Please research how much various forms of pet care costs. As for a less expensive vet in your area, ask around your area & call some vets. Many places will give you prices over the phone.

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