Q: Kitty with A Hard Tummy?

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What can I use other than cat lax for when my cats have hard tummies I wanted to find some home remidies for it I can't think of anything and no one else I know can either so I would like to know if anyone on here knows what I can give to them when they have hard tummies maybe you could tell me I I could give Skitters too?

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Nov 22, 2011

If you're talking about using something for constipation and hairballs, you can use canned pumpkin and baby food squash. Both are natural fiber and are not only good for constipation but also diarrhea. They regulate the bowels. Just be sure you don't use pumpkin pie filling, buy the pure pumpkin. For the baby food squash you'll have to read the ingredients and make sure you get a brand that doesn't have onion in it. For pets under 15 lbs. give them 1-2 tsps., 15 to 30 lbs. give 1-2 Tbsp., and over 30 lbs. give 2-5 Tbsp. You can also make your own puree with fresh pumpkin or squash. With my crew, the kitties all love the squash but aren't to keen on the pumpkin. The dogs love both. Just be sure that you know for sure that it's what you think it is. Sometimes a hard tummy is an indication of worms, a growth, or something more serious.

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