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I have 3 adorable baby kittens. There about 3 weeks old now. My friend found these 3 kittens and there mom at her house hidden. So i still have them and there doing great. I need to find them homes. Im going to maybe keep the momma cat but the little kittens need homes. There free! So all I can really tell you about them is they were a week old yesterday 10/28 and there is 2 black ones and 1 gray kitten. There starting to get around and trying to playing. They will be ready to go to homes when there 8 weeks old. So anyone in Lakeland, Florida or atleast close by who will want a cute lil kitten please message me! Im trying to find homes now just so I no they will have one when its time. Iv still got to check for boys or girls tho! I have pics of them under Spooks. I am downloading more.

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Oct 29, 2009

zootoo members are so scattered out that it can be tough trying to find homes on here. what works for me is craigslist.org. just be sure to screen the hell out of people b/c you'll get every type of person on there. some of the things i screen for are how often they're home, do they have very young children, will the cat be indoors only, will they get it declawed {a big no-no}, and i try to get a feel for how competent they are and that they'll be able to afford a cat. after talking to them on the phone, i have them over to meet the cat. then i give them a day or two to think it over before i deliver the cat to them. sometimes you'll get to someones house and it's trashed or you'll see something they've misled you on.
please consider waiting until the kittens are ten weeks before you adopt them out. it's amazing what they'll learn in those two extra weeks that will make them better adult cats. also, try to avoid giving them away for free. a small charge of $20 is all you need to help ensure them a good home - and no one will complain about the small fee. there are people who scoop up free kittens and will lie to your face only to sell them to labs. the going rate for class b dealers is $25 a cat.

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