Q: kitten ....leaves tiny black specs on bed

November 5, 2009 | By Marsha R. | 11 answers | Expired: 2275 days ago

Marsha R.

10 week kitten we just adopted ...she seems clean ..but have noticed tiny black specs on towel she sleeps on and now she is leaving them on our bed. What are they,,,,could they be fleas? She does n't seem to scratch herself ..we just had her dewormed, rabies shots, and she had flea treatment too.

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Nov 05, 2009

my guess is it's flea dirt, which is a nice name for flea poop. it doesn't mean she still has fleas, it just means she hasn't cleaned all of their excrement off yet. i wouldn't use any flea meds until a month from her previous dose, and then i would only use a top of the line treatment like frontline or advantage. cheaper medications are unsafe and can kill even an adult cat. for now, you could either wait until she cleans it all off, give her a very thorough brushing, or give her a bath. if you give her a bath, please blow dry her after. kittens can't regulate their temperatures as well as adults can and letting a kitten air dry can lead to illness.

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Nov 07, 2009

let her sleep on something white & put a little water on the black specks & if they turn a reddish color she has fleas, ask the Vet what flea protection is best & if they don't turn reddish you should still ask a Vet they can test it, don't do your own flea treatment on a kitten over the counter can be harmful the vet will know what to give her for her weight.

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Michele Z.

Nov 06, 2009

Yep--sounds like "flea dirt".

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