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Can cats and dogs get the flu from people cause the flu has been going around and Shorty has been extremely pukey but it didn't start until the flu started going around in my own house so could he have gotten the flu from some one if not it is either because he needs his flea stuff which would be normal for him from what the vet says and he stops once he has it but it's bad so I am worried it's gonna get worse even if I give him his flea stuff if it just gets worse and not better I will take him to the vet but I just need to know could he get the flu from a person?

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Dec 01, 2011

Dogs and cats can get the H1N1 influenza virus from humans. H1N1 is the swine flu. Other than that, the available data is that no other strains of flu are passed between humans and dogs or cats. We each have our own strains of Type A influenza that we are susceptible to, but there has been no evidence of cross-contamination except for the Swine Flu.

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