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Shorty got along with Skitters great but he did not like the King Charles spainel we found wandering loose that one time and did not like the chihuahua puppy we had overnight that we found wandering the streets and he did not like My Blue Boy the pittbull puppy that I found in my front yard but just so I know when I am ready for another dog do you think Shorty could get along with a bigger dog or even a puppy I do plan on adopting from the Shelter, also Shorty liked a dog that was at a petco adoption event that I took him to this dog was a big male Tibetian Masstiff and he liked him he also liked a ten year old chihauhua named Benny that had boned with me Benny has recently been adopted and I really would like to get a dog that is 3 years old or younger mainly cause it would be too hard for me to have an older dog who I would loose really soon But I want Shorty to meet the dog and get along with the dog that picks me out I don't want to have to take the dog back cause Shorty decides that he can't handle the new dog so what do you think I should do when I am ready how should I go about the process of intruding them? I Would be so heartbroken if I had to take the dog back I'm not ready yet but just for when I am ready can anyone help me also should I take dog size into consideraition?

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Apr 24, 2012

It's more important to know the dog is cat-friendly than worry about what dog your cat will accept. Lots of cats aren't going to best friends with the resident dog, but as long as the dog is cat-friendly, and not overly friendly to the cat, they'll learn to exist in harmony. It doesn't happen overnight. Trust takes time. Lots of times cats are better predictors of danger and behavior than we are. As long as you're sure the dog is safe the cat will eventually come around. Like I said, they may not ever be snuggle buddies, but they can learn to live together. I wouldn't worry about size too much. A lot of the big lugs are easier going around cats than the little yippy ones. I wouldn't get hyper one or a noisy one since your cat is already wary of new dogs. All that noise and bouncing around will make him more nervous. Just make sure whatever dog you choose has been cat tested. You'll also be able to see how cat-friendly the dog is when they do the home visit.

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Apr 16, 2012

Cats rarely adapt to new dogs right away. Dogs are naturally seen as intimidating and must gain the cat's trust first. I have never met a cat who doesn't eventually like a cat-friendly dog unless that dog is overly playful and energetic, which I don't view as a problem b/c that can be changed with enough exercise.

Almost every cat I've had starts off very scared of the dog - some hiss, some run off to hide under the bed, and others just slink away and keep their distance while keeping an eye on the new dog. With time, they've all warmed up to the dog. Some only took 20 minutes, others took closer to a month. You can encourage this friendship along faster by keeping the dog worn out and rewarding the cat's positive interest in the dog with treats.

Shorty's been around dogs, he's probably nervous at first like any other cat, but he's also had a lot of positive experiences with them. That's a good start. Big dogs, small dogs, doesn't really matter. If you don't have a ton of time and energy to handle an energetic dog, stick to one who has moderate or even low energy. Just make sure that dog has cat experience or has at least passed a cat test.

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