Q: Judges Tough on Animal Abuse?

October 2, 2008 | By Pat H. | 1 answer | Expired: 2674 days ago

Pat  H.

Does anyone know a site that lists judges in specific districts (District 5 Citrus Co Fl) that are tough on animal abuse? I've searched the net and can't seem to come up with a site.
I'm deciding who to vote to keep in and would like to have that info.

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Patty B.

Oct 05, 2008

According to the Citrus County Code of Ordinances, it's not just the judges who need to be tough on animal abuse.

Article II Animal Control Sec 14.64 states that animal services, its officers and agents, county sheriff's office, its deputies and agents, as well as the animal services division and police headquarters in municipalities having no animal control ordinances, have a duty to strictly enforce the provisions of this article, which includes penalties for Cruelty to animals (Sec. 14-48), failure to provide Humane treatment of animals (Sec. 14-49), and regulations for Dogs and cats transported or offered for sale; health requirements; consumer guarantee (Sec. 14-57), among others.

Check out www.pet-abuse.com. They have a cruelty database that allows you to search by US/State, specific abuse types, animal types and/or case status. I searched by US/Florida, selected all abuse types, all animal types, and a status of "convicted/civil. The results include the location (city), date, title (offense), and the name(s) of the guilty. Click on a specific title/offense for details including the name of the judge. Kind of a roundabout way to find what you're looking for, but it beats a blank.

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