Q: I've to orphan cats 7 months

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I've to orphan cats 7 months had them since they were about 5 days old. they are doing wonderful, bu

I've to orphan cats 7 months had them since they were about 5 days old. they are doing wonderful, but the one comes to bed with me everynight gets into a big purr mode and wants to be stroked all over ,just all the loving she can get, while suckling the blanket. goes on for 5 to 7 minutes, also she paws the blanket. when will she grow out of this, is it just a surrogote mommy thing. i find it loving sometimes but its gettin annoying. she's gotten quite demanding and doesn't want to let me sleep till she gets her rub down. her sister goes for a rub down to , but is nice enough to keep it for the early evening .

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Feb 10, 2012

I think most adopters will find it endearing...which is good b/c there's no saying when or if she'll grow out of it. I just adopted out a 2 year old cat who still suckles his tail and have a 3 year old who suckles my hair. Sometimes it's a lifelong behavior, other times it ends once they mature into adults. The point of this is that it comforts them while they're falling asleep - like a child sucking his thumb. Though most children grow out of it b/c they're told to stop if they don't, or at the very least will start feeling the pressure of their peers, but cats don't have that self-consciousness, therefore have no reason to end a behavior that eases them into sleep.

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Feb 12, 2012

I'd have no problem giving my cats 10 minutes of cuddles at night. I think it's sweet. Sometimes they grow out of it, sometimes they don't. I always hate it when they do. I mean seriously, what's a few minutes of lost sleep compared to giving your cat extra love and attention and making her feel safe, secure and loved?

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Feb 09, 2012

Shorty has always done the same thing since he was a kitten and never grown out of it alot of cats do it and there are some things you can do this seems really mean but you can take her off the bed and set her on the floor or make her sleep in a kennel or carrier in the room until she gets the message you can also do something that people usaully thinks that it only works with dogs but it also works with some cats give her a toy on the floor that has a treat in it or catnip in it or a treat she can knaw on you can also put a cat perch in the window in your room then she may decide that she wants to watch outside instead of getting attention. What it has come to with Shorty though and my dog Skitters too is that I have to wear them out during the day and make sure that they both get plenty of pats during the day too. If they are indoor only they might need a better release for their energy so you may try leash training them and taking them for walks once they are trained and if you have a dog you could walk all 3 at the same time that is if you can handle all 3 of them at once. I know I may have a problem walking 3 at a time.

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