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Juno {Am Staff} has had sensitive skin since we found her two months ago, but she's been itching since the weather has gotten very cold and dry. It's the worst when wind chills are below 20 or when the heat kicks on more than usual. We do think she has a flea allergy, but she doesn't have fleas {and is on Advantix to keep it that way}. She gets plenty of protein {Wellness Core}, is on fish oil, and we've even given her two baths with tea tree oil and chamomile shampoo.

Her fur has improved quite a bit from the rough and dry coat she had, and her dandruff is gone but for the occasional flake {and getting better each week}.

We're all itching our dry skin, but hers is far worse. Sometimes she scratches herself raw and can be very uncomfortable. Is this just sensitive skin that can't fair the cold very well or should we be looking into other allergies or something? And is there anything else we can do?

Her next vet appointment is in a few days {Friday 13}, so we're trying to put together a mental list of what we need to discuss with the vet by then. We are able to get her mind of it, but she's back to scratching before long.

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Jan 11, 2012

Not only the extreme cold, but the dry heat we use to keep warm can really do a number on pets' skin...and ours. You're already feeding a good diet and giving her fish oil, so that's good. If you're not already giving her the maximum dose of fish oil, you might increase that. A humidifier can also help if it's just dry inside air. Since she's going to the vet anyway, I would definitely ask about the possibility of it being either allergies or skin mites.

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Jan 09, 2012

Shorty has a horrible skin problem as well but I can't say it is the same problem Juno has cause I don't think it is but I would talk to the vet most hopefully they won't have to start giving her steriod shots cause Shorty has to get those and I think it makes his nerelogical disorder worse same with the flea stuff. She could be allergic to fleas that is Shorty's problem he is allergic to fleas and I also know a rat terrier at the rescue Maggie and she has dry skin and is allergic to fleas also and the other people with the rescue that have been with it longer have told me with dogs and cats that the flea allergy goes right along with the dry skin alot of the time so I would talk to the vet before changing anything!

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