Q: Isn't anything we can do to close puppy mills?

March 1, 2009 | By Rute T. | 14 answers | Expired: 2025 days ago

Rute T.

I'm horrified with the description of puppy mills. Why aren't they shut down? why do people allow this atrocity to continue?? It doesn't makes any sense to me...

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Mar 06, 2009

There are already plenty of laws that prevent the abuse of animals. Almost every city, town and state have numerous laws concerning the keeping and providing for animals. Most towns and counties have some type of animal control officers.

It's already illegal to abuse animals. It's already illegal to not provide medical care for your pets. It is a violation of the law to not provide food and water. Most municipalities already control how many animals one can own inside city limits.

When one discus's "puppy mills", one should speak in regards to specific animal breeders. Sure, certain unscrupulous breeders do fall into this category. They are eventually found out, and prosecuted under the existing animal cruelty laws.

Simply calling for legislation to outlaw "puppy mills" is about the same as asking for a law to stop "driving fast" when speeding laws already exist. It's easy to say "oh how horrible, we need to do something, let's push for another law". But in reality, there are already plenty of laws that prohibit these behaviors. If anything, more enforcement of existing laws needs to be done.

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Mar 01, 2009

People only have puppy mills to make money! There cruel horrible and selfish. The animals are locked up in a tight caige with phesies all over! Most dogs from pet stores are from puppy mills. If you even suspect a puppy mill, call your local spca or rescue. I also hate how people fight dogs they abuse them so they get mean pump them up with drugs and let them fight another animal! Its horrible and they always come out injured or dead. Also if they do get rescued 9/10 times they pet them down. I hate people that can do that to an animal and just for money!!!!!!

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Shannon W.

Mar 02, 2009

Unfortunately there are not enough people willing to take the time and trouble to write, call or e-mail there Representatives and put pressure on them to change the laws.

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