Q: Is there something we can give my 6 y/o chihuahua if she's constipated ?

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Is there something we can give my 6 y/o chihuahua if she's constipated ?

China woke me up around 5am wanting back in bed. She has a stool she jumps on to get into bed. She wouldn't even attempt to jump up. She's not limping, she don't appear to be in pain. I examined her and I didn't feel any lumps nor did she act like any place I touched was sore. My 4 y/o poodle Chara acted like this a few weeks ago & the vet said it was b/c her anal glands were full. China had her glands removed several years ago so it can't be that. She usually have a bowel movement before she goes to bed & in the mornings and it's 3:12pm and she hasn't had one yet. I'm thinking she may be constipated. (On Dec 10 2010 she had an allergic reaction to her yearly shots for the 1st time in her 6 years. Her face swelled up like a blow fish. She was given a bendryl shot plus I had to give 12.5 mg 3 x a day for two days)(pic is when she had her reaction not what she looks like now)

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Jan 05, 2011

China is adorable I would first call a vet and ask them. But there is a such thing that you can get at the pet store that I think is called Puppy lax. It works good they have it for cats too my grandma has used it for her cat Miss Kitty before. It is puppy laxitives is what it is but I would council in a vet and talk to them before doing anything. Also you could try some fruit some dogs love fruit I give raspberries to Skitters when she is constipaited.

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