Q: Is the shelter you are supporting really in dire need of a makoever?

January 4, 2009 | By jennifer r. | 16 answers | Expired: 2582 days ago

jennifer r.

Describe the shelter you are supporting and why you think it is the best candidate for the makeover. I would still like to hear from the supporters of the nice new shelters and what they plan to do with the money only prizes if you know!

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Jan 04, 2009

The Humane Society of Cherokee County is in the heart of the puppy mill capitol of Oklahoma, which seems to trade off 1st place in the nation with Missouri and Arkansas.
Our County Seta, Tahlequah, is population ca 15,000 and the local pound murders an average of 30 dogs per week. Our two shelter buildings are designed to hold about 60 dogs and on average, there are 80 residents crowded together. We have an 8 x 10 room dedicated to cats and an 8x10 room where we bathe dogs before adoption or events. We have an additional 12 - 20 dogs in outside pens with converted 50-gallon plastic drums as doghouses so they don't freeze. We have no isolation area for new intake, so when one gets ringworm, many others follow suit. We store our dog food and crates, etc., in an abandoned horse trailer. We have at least 50 dogs that are being fostered because there is no more "room at the inn." We are assisting approximately 40 people with dog food and meds who are caring for abandoned animals. If we tried to pay our vet bills we would have to beg on the streets.
We are an absolute no-kill shelter.
2008 HSCC Statistics

We responded to 2,345+ calls for assistance
We had 1,262+ requests to take animals
We took 274 animals into the shelter
We placed 156 animals in new homes
We transported 96 to Denver Dumb Friends League
We investigated 120 neglect/abuse complaints
We helped 174 people with lost pets
We took 619 calls from people needing spay/neuter
assistance and,
We sterilized 347 pets for low income families

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Amy H.

Jan 05, 2009

The Barron County Humane Society really need the help. They did build a new comlex a few years ago but it strill isnt big enough tohouse all the animals they have. We also need an animal control officer around here. Right now the cops are supposed to handle all animal problems but they dont really seem to care about animals.
Earlier this summer I saw several dogs locked in hot cars with the windows upo and the cops sid there was n nothing they could do about it or that the dogs loooked fine.

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Cindy C.

Jan 07, 2009

I have been a long time supporter and volunteer at the Cocheco Valley Humane Socitey in Dover, N.H. As with many other shelters, space is at a premium. They are currently housed in a 100 year old former piggery on the grounds of the old County Farm. Administrative offices are in a series of old modular trailers, all linked together. To top it off, yesterday, the county commissioners decided to stop funding those programs they are not required by law to fund, so CVHS has lost the county funds. Its such a great shelter, and a shame they struggle so much./

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