Q: Is Purina a good brand compared to Iams or other brands?

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I have been told Iams is the best..is that true?

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Kym C.

Dec 22, 2009

I agree with several of the opinions here as far as what works for one may not work for another. I too feed Purina One/Pro Plan. I am a firm believer in Purina and thier products. I agree that they are not all top of the line but a name I can trust. None of their products were recalled several years ago when they took over 200 foods off the market for contamination. I know Purina owns their own Plants and does routine quality control testing. They do not import notr use imported ingredients in their foods. Take the Purina 30 day challenge. You will notice a healthier ,softer coat,less waste(stools) no flatulance or digestive upset.
I will tell you from personal experience I would NEVER feed Science Diet! This food causes crystals in the urine within a few weeks to months. Science Diet denies this. Ol Roy is junk you may as well feed cardboard.
Use your best judgment on the foods you feed your pet. Some may do well and some may not.
I have always used Purina with confidence as well as my family. All of my pets are on the Purina brand from my horses,rabbits,cats,etc. and I have had many pets live long healthy fullfilled lives.
Good luck in finding the right food for your loved ones.Have a nice day.

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Dec 08, 2009

Go to www.dogfoodanalysis. and click on "I" for Iams and they rate dog food from 1-5 (or 1-6
five being the best. Iam's is rated a poor ONE.
I would never feed mine Iam's or Purina - but what doesn't work for me - may work for you.
I feed Taste Of The Wild which has no grains, corn or fillers and has an excellent
amount of meat content.
Alot of foods has ingredients that aren't healthy. taste Of Wild is rated a 5.
There are alot of good quality foods out there - and I don't think either one was those are a good choice.
That's my opinion - but I've been looking into healthy dog food for my dogs and I know alittle about it.
Good luck with finding one for yours.

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Dec 09, 2009

Gee that's an excellent question and you'll receive alot of good answers. If you're totally in the dark about this I'd suggest going to the site that was recommended by BKind2Animals. Good luck.

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