Q: Is it illegal to have a salamander as a pet?

February 4, 2009 | By Kim C. | 2 answers | Expired: 2106 days ago

Kim C.

I have heard that since they are native in Iowa that it is illegal to have them as a pet. Any info will be helpful.

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Terri t.

Feb 08, 2009

There are many different species of Salamanders. Many are quite legal. First check with your State Game and Fish commission since they are usually the ones that regulate these things. Then after working on a list of approved species, do some thorough research and make sure you can provide the correct habitat for your choice. Enjoy!!!

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Angie D.

Feb 05, 2009

Why, do you have one?
I haven't heard that it's illegal but then I'm no expert on them. I have only seen one here in the 14 years I've lived here. You could probably contact the DNR...they might be able to tell you.

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