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I have a pit/lab mix Malcolm who is about 5 years old. I also have a black lab/hound mix Casey who is about 2.5 years old. I fell for pit bull when I was 15 years old and my love for them hasn't changed now that I am 25 years old. I knew when the dog I had for 16 years died I knew I wanted to adopt a pit. Me and my husband have talked about getting another dog since my very active lab/hound mix is getting to be to much for my pit mix. I went to the local pound and I looked and looked for a female active dog. In one of the last cages sat a female pit bull about 8 months old. She was going to be put down in a couple days so I adopted her and she comes home Wednesday. Now she has meet my pit mix and they got along great. I am wondering how to introduce them at home. I have always had male dogs so is there something I should know about adopting a female dog?

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Stephanie  C.

Jan 24, 2010

Usually, a male and a female dog will become 'mate-like'. A problem usually developes if the two dogs are the same gender.

I'm curious about the threesome. You are getting this new dog for your pit, but what about the hound mix? Do you plan that the 2 of them will keep him company? Or, do you plan on taking the hound mix out more and leaving the two pits to keep each other company? - just wondering.

The best way to introduce them would be to take all the dogs on leash outside there yard. That way there shouldn't be any territorial behavior. Then, let the new dog in the yard by herself, let her investigate, then when she is interested in you and the dogs again, all of you should go into the yard together.

Stay nearby with leashes in hand and supervise their introductions. When you are satisfied they will get along, go away and watch from afar. The interaction may be different if they know you're not standing there. Be ready to jump in any second if things get out of hand.

Good luck

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Tricia L.

Jan 25, 2010

Im not sure but ill be looking fwd to your answers.
I just wanted to say its so great of you to adopt a pit in need!
You are a great person!

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Jan 25, 2010

The best way to introduce a new dog is to have all your dogs meet outside in front of the house. I know you'll be excited but try to remain very calm and in charge. Take your dogs for a walk together, and keep walking until all the butt-sniffing and tail wagging is done. You'll know when they stop paying attention to each other.

When you get back home, keep the new dog leashed inside. She has to learn the rules of her new environment. If she jumps on the counter or eats your sock, you can grab ahold of her leash and correct her.

Good luck!

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