Q: In Home Dogsitter for Doylestown, PA

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Hi, I am looking for referrals for a trustworthy, highly reccommended in-home dogsitter for 3 weeks this summer. any ideas? (bonded & insured preferred)

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May 02, 2009

Vet may know some, or college student going to school for a field with animal care, I would be careful about asking something that important on the internet, allot of nuts out there, aren't you near the Del.Co agricultural College, you can post at the college or talk to the school councilor and they might know someone who is trustworthy and maybe is really needing some kind of job for the summer, they can even have a daytime job & still be able to dog sit, it summer the days are longer the dogs will get a nice walk & most important they won't be left alone at nigh, OK for cats, but dogs know when their left and don't handle being left alone at night very well, or maybe someone who works at the Vet office is looking for a little more $, can't hurt to ask, I don't blame you for wanting someone in, no kennels for my dogs unless it is at the NGAP in northeast Phila. I have 2 greyhound & a Black Lab & that is the only place I would leave them if I found I had to board, they have a great facility, they play in paddocks, they have a top of the chart med. Fac. and someone is there at all times, also people volunteer and walk the dogs in groups, it's like a get together & they will walk yours too, and no they don't have to be a greyhound to board there, they also get great food, you will bring your dry food and unless you don't want your dog to have people, there are times when the dogs get some people roast beef mixed in even though we were told not to give people food to our adopted girls, we found out they can't help but to spol them a bit, I don't have the phone # handy but they have a site, National Greyhound Adoption Program, hope you find someone.

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