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I'm thinking about starting a dog walking buisness. I want a job for young teens, and has to do with animals. How do get people to trust you with thier dogs? I'm very good with animals, and I'm expierienced with dogs.

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Mar 30, 2011

People look at several things before deciding to hire someone. Professional dog walkers are usually bonded, insured, & licensed. They can also provide verifiable references. These are some of the things people will look for before entrusting their pets to a virtual stranger. Another thing some people look for is someone who is skilled in doggie first aid & CPR. They want to know you can handle any emergency. You can start out small working for people you know in order to build references & develop your business slowly. That way you have time to get everything in place for a full-fledged dog walking business. Then you advertise...business cards and/or fliers in high traffic areas & places that cater to pets, a website, list yourself on online directories. You'll also need contracts for your clients.

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