Q: I would LOVE to become a vet..one problem :(

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I am in my sophomore year in college, and I am considering becoming a veterinarian. I have always loved animals...my family thinks it is funny because whenever I see an animal on the loose I always stop and pick them up to take them somewhere safe or take them to their owner. On my own I try and save any animals that I come across, so I figured a veterinarian would be perfect for me.
I recently job shadowed twice at a vet hospital in my community and the experience was great! Just one thing...
For some reason, during both visits I felt "woozy" during some of the events that I watched. During my first visit, the first thing I did was watch a dog get her teeth pulled, and I was SO close to passing out, but later when I watched both a cat and a dog get spayed, I felt fine, and when I watched a cat get declawed, I felt fine. During my second visit, the FIRST thing that I did was watch a dog get a cyst removed from his eye and I felt "woozy" again, and almost passed out. Then later that day I watched a cat get her eye removed, I felt fine, and watched a cruciate surgery and I also felt fine.
I really would love to become a veterinarian, but I cannot handle when I get sick and feel woozy. Subconsciously, I sort of feel what they are feeling (even though at that point they can`t feel it!!). Being a vet is something I would love to do, but if I cannot stay conscious to do surgery, I`m guessing it would not be the best thing.
I am just wondering if there is some way to overcome my "wooziness" because if there is a way to get over that then I would love to know how!!

Thank you!!

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Nov 19, 2010

I recently started work at a vet clinic as a Veterinary Technician Assistant. I got "Woozy" the first couple days, but was able to desensitize myself after a week.

Also, watch videos online or on TV. It helps to watch procedures without being "live" in the room.

Perhaps you could land a job over the summer or part-time as an Assistant at a clinic to see if you can handle it before you commit to Veterinary Schooling. Just a thought!

Good luck!

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Nov 22, 2010

this is pretty common for med students of any field. pulling teeth or removing eye cysts is...well...kind of nasty. seeing the surgery can be disturbing and unsettling, but in time you'll become desensitized to the process and it'll become business as usual. try to get as much exposure to it as possible. take a trip through google images for those things that bother you. the more you see them, the less affected you'll be.
oh, and perhaps take a few personal lessons in declawing. please don't be a vet who allows that! it's cruel and can cause a plethora of problems, physically and mentally.

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