Q: I want to bond my male with a baby

January 15, 2010 | By erica | 2 answers | Expired: 1691 days ago

I want to bond my male with a baby

I have a 3 year old boy bunny, that is not fixed and i WILL NOT have it done. he has had play date before that went well. i want to get him a friend, i was thinking of getting a baby boy bunny. they would have their own room so plenty of space, i was just wondering if any one else has DONE OR TRIED this? and how it work out for them

i wanted a girl but i know it would just be to hard and cause to many problems, and i know that two mature males can get territorial.

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Paige B.

Jan 16, 2010

I have. I had a not neutered male and brought in a baby male. Everything went well until the older one got neutered and the younger one wasn't, then when the baby hit maturity, they started violently fighting, a lot. Ever since I have not been able to re bond them. My advice, get your male neutered, then get a female and spay her. It will be much easier than trying to bond two males, unless both are neutered BEFORE trying to bond.

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Michele Z.

Jan 17, 2010

If the rabbit is going to stay intact, you might be better off getting a kitten (not another rabbit). Cats and rabbits can be "friends", especially if they grow up together.

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