Q: I need some help with cats

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I need some help with cats

For quite a while I have been taking care of a group of feral cats here in Columbia MO. I've been trying to catch them and get them spayed/neutered. I missed one mom and she had kitties this spring. There are about 8 to 10 cats that roam the area and stop by for food.

The neighbor across the street has decided to start trapping the cats to remove them from the neighborhood. They don't like cats. See no benefit to them and say they are a nuisance... that they cause dogs to bark and turn on the motion lights at night. I don't know if she is killing them... she says she is taking them to a farm but wont tell me how they will be cared for.

I am just beside myself. I don't know what to do. She has the right to do this I suppose...

Is there anyone out there who will befriend these cats and has the room to take on some. They are pretty feral but there are a couple who I think could be domesticated as they have learned to allow me to touch them.

I put a few pics of the cats in "my zoo".

I'd rather place them with someone I know will care for them.

I know there has got to be some good people out there who will love these cats as much as I do... please find a way to help me. If you can't take a cat perhaps you can email a link to this page to a friend....


I don't see a way to respond to what others have posted ... so I'll update the original post:

Columbia's animal control will put the cats down if no one adopts them.

The neighbor is not really on good terms with me. Their state of mind really, they think I'm doing the world a great dis service in caring for these creatures. They are not going to tell me anything about this "farm".

Columbia Second Chance is a great organization... we adopted Cody using them. My wife is good friends with a person who volunteers there.... they age great with dogs... unfortunately not with cats.

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Aug 05, 2009

Hi John,

Columbia has no leash law for cats so neighbors are not allowed to steal cats and take them to farms. How does your neighbor keep from catching people's pets? I smell a possible lawsuit. Consider putting collars on some of the cats. There is a 4 pet limit in Columbia but you are not legally required to tell animal control how many pets you "own" without some sort of legal compulsion. You also do not have to allow them in your house or yard to look around - Just say no! Columbia Animal Control also does not pick up cats unless they are injured or have bitten.

Another way to make cats safer around traps is to make them very scared of traps. It is a last resort, but if you trap them and take them for a scary drive etc, they will be more difficult for someone else to trap. Also, make sure they are very well fed with nice stinky food like tuna or mackeral until your neighbor figures out that this may not be worth their while. We all know what happens to animals that are brought out to "the farm." One cranky neighbor should not be able to determine the lives of you or these cats.

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Aug 05, 2009

what a shame. you spent all that time fixing the strays you do have only for your neighbor to ship them off.

let her know that when you remove cats from their colony, it allows room for more cats to come in - cats that are not fixed and will start to breed, creating a higher population in your area than what previously existed. if she is willing to make this a lifelong mission of hers, then i guess she can have her hands full doing what she wants.
if she wants to lower the numbers and keep the colony in check, then she will have to let you care for them and have them all fixed. as long as the cats don't die or multiply {or get relocated}, you will have maintained the problem in your neighborhood.

www.alleycatallies.org for more information.

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Aug 02, 2009

I wish you the best of luck in helping all these beautiful cats. What does your city's Animal Control do with the cats they pick up? If they take them to a S.P.C.A., then I would notify them as to what your neighbor is doing. Or maybe you can find out just what farm it is that shes taking them to. Also if you have a no kill shelter in the area call them to discuss the problem. I sure hope these cats get a chance of being placed in good homes.

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