Q: I need help with my rabbit situation... Please

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I have a male rabbit that has been by himself for a year and was in a cage to himself when I got him. I would like to get a full grown female rabbitt, But I am scared that they will fight or something.

He has never been exposed to any other rabbits, but is good with dogs and cats.

I would get a fixed female rabbit but I don't want to have to get one fixed because I don't want to make a living thing have surgery. It's mean. But I don't want babie bunnys running around to.

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Angela L.

Mar 13, 2008

You'll need to bond them before they can live together. To bond rabbits, you usually need to introduce them in neutral territory (where neither has ever been, even bathtubs work) and let them get to know each other there first. Then let them play together in their normal play areas, then move on to sharing a cage. The process can take anywhere from days to months depending on the individuals. Not all rabbits will like each other, as they each have their own personalities and preferences. It's a good idea to introduce your bun to potential friends in shelters or rescues and adopt one that he seems to like, or at least one he doesn't want to beat up on sight.

Spay/neuter is VERY important. For bonding, intact males will often obsessively mount females and will usually fight with other males, sometimes to the death. Intact females tend to be more territorial as they feel they need to protect their nest and may be too aggressive towards their cage mates. Also, female rabbits should always be spayed because they have an extremely high rate of uterine cancer. If you've ever seen a person or pet go through cancer, you'd know that a routine surgery is certainly not mean if it prevents that.

Luckily, most rabbit rescues and many shelters spay/neuter their rabbits now.

There are a lot of articles available on bonding rabbits, mainly through websites of rabbit rescues (yes there are lots of us). Also, if there is a rabbit rescue near you they are often willing to help with bonding rabbits and are usually happy to have you bring your rabbit in for bunny dates.

This is my favorite article on bonding:

You can also get a lot of help at the Rabbits Online forum. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions, we're happy to answer them!

One last note- I haven't had too much problem with age of rabbits when they are bonded, many older rescued rabbits are thrilled with having bunny friends. And breed doesn't matter, neither does size.


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Mar 13, 2008

I agree... get another cage for the other rabbit. Since your male rabbit has always had his own cage, he considers that "his territory." If you stuck a new rabbit in with him, lets just say it wouldn't be good....

When you bring a new rabbit into the house, you will have to go through a "bonding period" introducing them to each other where they will be comfortable with one another. When we got a second rabbit, I learned how to bond them with advice from www.rabbit.org. They have wonderful articles. Don't expect them to bond and be comfortable with one another in a few days... it took our 2 rabbits about a month. An important tip in bonding is not to leave them alone together for the first couple of days, this is when they will most likely fight for territory and to determine who is the dominant one.

I higly advise in getting an already spayed rabbit if you do not want to take a rabbit to get spayed yourself. Spayed rabbits have far less health risks and issues than unspayed rabbits such as cancers and other diseases. Plus, they won't put out scents when they are in "heat." Our male was already neutered when we got him and we had our female spayed after we got her. She was alot less hyper and territorial after....

Good luck!!

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Serena E.

Mar 13, 2008

best thing to do here is get another cage, get your other rabbit. at first just have them in the saem room then after a week place the cages right next to each other. they can sniff each other but not get to each other. i am going to tell you now if you get a female rabbit she is going to drive him nutz, once she is in the mood she will put of a sent and then his hormons are going to get the better of him. he will act not him self. so the best thing is to get him fixed and her fixed. that way both can enjoy each other company and not make babies or drive you nutz with there mood's

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