Q: I need help naming my goldfish!

August 7, 2008 | By Carly T. | 5 answers | Expired: 2285 days ago

Carly T.

I just got a goldfish, but I am clueless on what to name it. I DO NOT want people names. I would like a name that you would name a fish. My first goldfish was names Bubbles so that is out. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Michele Z.

Aug 07, 2008

My "answer" is partly a question: Is it a boy or a girl Goldfish??? Or, are you looking for an androgynous name? You could name it "Huck Fin" or "Fluffy"!!!

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Aug 08, 2008

I haven't had a fish in a long time. I used to raise Angelfish. How about 'Nibbles" or "Fin"?

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Aug 08, 2008

Just a play on words...

Hawn (Goldie Hawn)
Whoppi (Whoppi Goldberg)
Rush (Gold Rush)
Pesci (means fish in Italian)
Oro (means Gold in meaning languages)

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