Q: I need good advice on louies owner taking her dog to shelter

July 20, 2009 | By bell o. | 2 answers | Expired: 1940 days ago

I need good advice on an aquantice taking her dog to shelter

I am very sad for louie. I met louies owner cuz I was looking for a loving home for my furgirl. I found my girl a home but now tables have turned and the furboy she had already is now going to shelter because louies owner moved into a smaller apt and louie is very hyper. I was hoping someone can direct me to the right place in finding him (louie) a home or someplace where he will safe or maybe he can be train to not be so hyper. Louie is such an adorable dog he has this unique personality with his cute lil underbite.I have lots of photos of him when I petsitted me. It just breaks my heart to know he could be in a cell not knowing his fate. A concerned animal lover

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Jul 20, 2009

wow... thats not good... poor lil guy... why does this person feel that she can not provid the training that he may need...?? i find this upsetting... who is to say she wont do the same to your furkid one day...

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Jul 21, 2009

it sounds like all louie needs is a little obedience training and more exercise. little dogs work well in apartments and every dogs energy level can be controlled to some extent. invite his owner to zootoo so she can get all the information she needs on this. when i adopt out cats, i use craigslist.org - you get every type of person imaginable on here so you really have to screen them. i don't even let people take my fosters from my home, i deliver them. there are so many animals in need of homes, more now than ever. take a look at your local craigslist - it's insane. the way i see it, louie already has a home. he just needs his owner to buck up, take the responsibility, and love her animal.

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