Q: I need a help to find Weimaraner to buy or to adopt!

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Please help me to make a surprise for my husband!!!! I need to find a Weim no older than a year old!( thanks I found one,adopted,from one family that didnt really new how to take care of him, he is adorable)

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Jun 20, 2008

Try Petfinder first - it is all adoption agencies, both breed and non-breed specific, to find that special furry someone.

If you've never had a dog before, or even do not experience with Weimaraners in particular, please consult some breeders and breed clubs. Any good breeder will willingly speak with you at length about the personality and needs of the Weimaraner breed, because the last thing they want is to place their dogs into the wrong environment and have both the dog and adoptive family be miserable because of a bad match.

Weimaraners are athletic hunting dogs, originally bred for larger game like boar and deer and focused on rabbit and fox when large game hunting went out of fashion. They make excellent jogging/running partners and can be clownish, but also may still retain a high prey drive and can be a bit stubborn when they are focused on something. This is a dog not content to lay around the house.

Here are some sources for you:

www.petfinder.com/ Search by breed, or breed mix

www.weimclubamerica.org/ Weimaraner Club of America

www.weimrescue.org/ Weimaraner Rescue

If you have your heart absolutely set on a newly minted pup, so to speak, check out the AKC and the following websites:

www.akc.org/ Just bear in mind - the AKC does NOT physically check the breeding establishments it permits, so please do your homework and thoroughly check a breeder first-hand as well as their credentials and testimonials of satisfied Pet Parents. A good breeder will willingly show you anything you ask of them, from paperwork to parents and site facilities, and will be prepared to answer your questions, as well have some questions for you!

www.breeders.net/ A good website to start from, listed by locality to your zip code. Again, please thoroughly check their establishment and clientale.

And please - I don't care how cute the pup in the window is - please DO NOT EVER purchase a puppy from a retail pet store. It is a known, established fact that puppies sold commercially are just that - produced like a factory product, in cramped quarters, sick, starving, eating fecal matter to stay alive and not exposed to humans and life in general - it's sad, but it's a fact. So please refrain - you're only supporting a disgusting industry if you cave.

Also check out Cis Frankel's book, "Urban Dog." (That's her pictured below) My friend actually is picking up a Weim puppy Monday and had the good fortune to run into Cis during his daily outings in Chicago yesterday. I've not read her book, but as she specializes in Weimaraners, I can only imagine she has some good insight. Her website is: www.canineintelligenceagency.com/

Whatever direction you go in, best of luck to you and your future dog!

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Mary T.

Jun 21, 2008

Dangit! Somehow I deleted most of my post before it got put up-- Here's what it was supposed to be!!:

The other posters were dead-on to suggest A)that you consider adopting from a rescue, B)if you DO want to go to a breeder make sure they are legit, C)and most importantly, if you do not already know the breed, please, PLEASE research the breed before bringing one home, and honestly assess whether or not this type of dog is a good fit for your lifestyle!

Our rescue gets so many dogs surrendered because people didn't do any research into the breed before getting the dog.
I saw a couple other posters already let you know what you can expect when going through a rescue. It is important not to take the adoption process personally- as if they just don't trust you! We put all applicants through the same process, and it was designed to protect animals that we often have already rescued from bad situations. Also- the rescue may insist on talking to your husband too. We've learned the hard way that a surprise dog is not always welcomed, and sometimes even when both parties agree they want a dog- it takes some time before they find one they both are happy with. (yes, we often get dogs surrendered because one partner didn't want the dog)

We really aren't deliberately being diffiult! We(all the rescue groups I know, not just mine) are just trying to find the best match of person/dog that we can- for the sake of the dogs AND the people

Good luck to you!

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Jill R.

Jun 20, 2008

Don't buy one, adopt one! Where are you located? There are plenty of them across the US

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